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Recent Meetings

La Follette, Tennessee

The last week end of June was filled with about as much as we could pack into it. We left early on Saturday afternoon and drove to Sparta, Tenneessee, to visit with Gerald Alsup, one of my former deacons at Franklin Road Baptist Church. Bro. Alsup is now ninety years old and lives with his daughter, who is a nurse, and son-in-law who is a Baptist preacher. He is in good hands and doing well.

Our next stop was in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where we spent the night in the home of our special friend, Keith Lay. He cooked us a fabulous steak dinner with all the trimmings. After a good time of fellowship and a good night's sleep, he had coffee outside our bedroom and a full breakfast of biscuits and gravy, fruit, juice, boiled eggs, and coffee. He then went with us to church at Heritage Baptist Church in La Follette, Tennessee, about forty minutes away.
This was my sixth time to preach at Heritage Baptist Church. Dr Fred Ward has done an outstanding job as pastor of this church from its beginning, and because of failing health has turned it over to Jeffrey Matherly, a graduate of Crown Baptist College in Powell, Tennessee. I taught Sunday school and preached in both morning and evening services. We had a church wide fellowship after the evening service. We enjoyed Sunday night at Hampton Inn; it is more of a museum than a motel. Our friend, Hank Ayers has decorated the halls of the motel with hundreds of pictures of the past.

On Monday morning we drove to Athens, Tennessee, so Mary could help her granddaughter, Bonnie Gerdt, celebrate her twenty-second birthday. Bonnie is going to Guam to teach in a Christian school. They enjoyed lunch along with Bonnie's, mother, Debbi. I drove to Cleveland, Tennessee, to visit V.T. Prater in a nursing home. Bro. Prater was a faithful bus captain and deacon in my first church in Elkton, Maryland. He is now ninety-one years of age. It was a blessing to also see his daughter, Rita who is a nurse in the Cleveland area. We were glad to get home on Monday afternoon.

Montgomery, New York

My sixth meeting with Pastor Herb Strait and the folks at Faith Baptist Church of Montgomery, New York, was very fulfilling. We had a great crowd on Sunday morning. I saw a lot of new faces and noticed that everything had been renovated. The parking lot was resufaced and stripped for parking. A new guard rail and stone walls circled the lot. A new elevator had been installed for the handicapped folks to have access to the second floor auditorium. Bro. Strait had also purchased an almost new motor home from Peter and Mary Mucher of Beacon World Missions and set it up for me to use for accomodations and study. I preached almost all new sermons, because I had used over 45 messages there in the past.

One of the highlights was dinner at Mr. and Mrs. Jim Friel's home. We ate collards with talipa seasoned with sugar maple syrup, home made bread baked with flax seed, and a delicious apple tea, then home grown blackberries with whipped cream for dessert. I enjoyed a drive down the water front at Newburg, New York, looking over the Hudson river.

I got home on Thursday in time to do my bookkeeping, banking, bill paying, get my clothes washed, reload my suitcase and head out for Dothan, Alabama, then to Panama City, Florida, then back to Radcliffe, Kentucky, then over to LaFollette, Tennessee. It is good to be busy for the Lord and fellowshipping with God's people around the country.

Rockford, Illinois

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Kingsbury

What an exciting day we had with Dr. Paul Kingsbury and the folks at North Love Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois! The 8:30 and 11:00 o'clock services filled the auditoirum to capacity and the Sunday school rooms were filled all over the campus. One young man was saved and baptized and another man joined the church by letter in the main service. A large group of men from the Reformers Unanimous home plus another large group of ladies from the women's home helped to pack the services.

As usual, Bro. Kingsbury was a great host, providing us with a comfortable motel room, invited us to his home for a cookout with a delicious steak dinner, then to a couple of very nice restaurants on Sunday. We sold almost everything on our book table and took orders for things that we ran out of.

Pastor Kingsbury is scheduled to see his cardiogist after test results showed blockages in his arteries. He already has two stints from a previous problem. He is carrying an extra load of responsibilities after the sudden death of his co-worker, Steve Currington, the founder of Reformers Unamious. There are now about 900 chapters of RU around the world. Bro. Kingsbury really needs our prayer suport at this time.

We combined our trip to Rockford with a Saturday morning wedding of Mrs. Wallace's grandson, Gabe Gerdt, and Elisabeth Roth at the First Baptist Church in Lasalle-Peru, Illinois. They are both Bob Jones graduates and Gabe will be teaching at Tabernacle Christian School in Wilson, North Carolina, and Elisabeth will be working in the office.

After arriving home I am heading out again immediately to the annual meeting of trustees of Baptist International Missions in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We are scheduled to approve sixty new missionaries. BIMI now has over 1,000 missionaries and a budget of 36 million dollars a year. What a blessing and challenge to see God working in the lives of young couples and sending them out to the 100 nations where BIMI issionaries are serving.

Dayton, Tennessee

Dr. Eldon Stevens and Dr. Tom Wallace

The C.O.M.E. International Baptist Ministries annual meeting was held at Calvary Baptist Church in Dayton, Tennessee, May 19-23 this year. Dr. Eldon Stevens is president of this ministry and Pastor Curtis Sayre was our host pastor. I spoke twice on Sunday and two times each morning Monday through Wednesday. One of the missionary evangelists spoke in each of the evening services and a ministry report was given by a missionary of the group. Preachers came in from all over the country for the meeting. These are good solid Fundamental Baptist men, mostly evangelists and missionaries. Mary, my wife, spoke to the ladies in a special session. The crowds were excellent and the food and fellowship was the best. The church family served some great meals. Bro Stevens has been suffering from cancer and has been really struggling for the past several months, but he was right on top of everything and had the bases well covered. I was impressed with the spiritual caliber of these men and their wives.

While in the area I drove into Harrison Bay for a meeting of the finance committee of Baptist International Missions. We approved the audit of a $36,000,000 plus report for the past year. The candidate committee has screened some sixty new candidates that will be appearing before the trustees for approval in the June 4 and 5 meeting. There are over 1,000 missionaries serving around the world in over 100 countries through B.I.M.I. Dr. David Snyder has taken over the leadership of this great ministry following Dr. James Ray. Dr. Ray Thompson and John Ramsey are stepping into emeritus positions after serving almost fifty years.

Dalton, Georgia

Dr. Tom Wallace and Pastor Rick Spence

The emphasis of my three-day meeting at New Life Baptist Church in Dalton, Georgia, was winning souls. Pastor Rick Spence had become greatly burdened about leading his people to get involved in soul winning. He asked me to come and preach and teach on this subject for all three nights. I gave a message on Monday night to inspire and challenge the people to get involved. The entire congregation responded to the invitation and came forward at the invitation to make themselves available to the Lord to win a soul to Christ. The second night my message was instructive and explained how to do it. The entire congregation responded once again. On the final night I challenged them to get involved and the altar was filled again with people asking God to lead them to the right person.

Bro. Spence has been pastor at New Life for twenty years. They have beautiful facilities. The church is also involved heavily in missions, as well as a printing ministry. They have their own press and send tracts and scripture portions around the world to missionaries.

It was a special blessing to have breakfast and fellowship with Pastor Rex Simcox and his wife and two children from Trion, Georgia. Bro. Simcox is a part of the IFB fellowship list on the Internet.

Georgetown, Grand Cayman, B.W.I.

Dr. Tom Wallace and Pastor Michael Jeremiah

Calvary Baptist Church, Georgetown, Grand Cayman, BWI

Pastor Michael Jeremiah, Carla, Janelle, Tiffany and Micaiah

Calvary Baptist Church in Georgetown, Grand Cayman in the British West Indies is a special place to us. I have been there six times in the last eleven years. I filled in for missionary Swanti Linquest for six weeks on one occasion, then three weeks for missionary Ken Love on another. This time I held a four day missions conference for the pastor, Michael Jeremiah and the good people. Bro. Jeremiah is a product of missionary work in the West Indies and Baptist International Missions, Inc. He is from Granada and built a good work there before coming to pastor in Grand Cayman. The work was started by missionary Bob Vradenberg from Franklin Road Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Pastor Jeremiah has led the folks to build a beautiful two story education building on the back of the church and the attendance has just about doubled.

On Sunday, May 6th, we had a great crowd and a good response to the invitation. One lady was saved, another presented herself for baptism, and a man expressed his desire to be a missionary. The entire congregation came forward on Sunday night to make themselves available to the Lord to win a soul to Christ. I preached sermons on "When God Called Moses to be a Missionary," "One on One Soulwinning," "How to Get 100% of your Prayers Answered," and "The Relationship between Faith Promise Giving and Prosperity." On the closing night the message was, "our Ability to Set God into Motion." The altar was filled every night.

The International banquet drew a great crowd on Thursday night and a large number of countries were represented and provided foods from their country.

The church supports 19 missionaries and plans to take on another six. They also have immediate plans to start a Christian school and add two more bus routes.

Dr. John Swangim and his wife, Tammie, from Porter, Indiana, joined us for the missions trip. Tammie is the daughter of my wife, Mary.

We enjoyed a day of fishing and caught twenty-nine keepers. We also took a boat trip to Stingray City, a mile or so out into the Caribbean Sea and saw nearly 100 stingrays swimming around the two hundred or so cruise line passengers who had come there also.

One day Pastor Jeremiah and I went soulwinning in the West Bay area and I won a Cuban man named Orlando, then a Caymanian woman named Olivia, and another named Janie. The pastor won an eighteen year old fellow named Austin. The day before I had a waitress from Jamaica named Marie promise me she would invite Christ into her heart when she got home from work; and the following day I was able to win Leonardo, a bus driver, to the Lord.

What a blessing to see the work of missions as it should be.

Andalusia, Illinois

Pastor Bill Gluck and Dr. Wallace

Pastor Bill Gluck has been one of my special preacher friends for thirty-seven years and the Community Baptist Church of Andalusia, Illinois, has been one of my favorite churches to preach in since 1975. I've been there more than twenty-five times for meetings. This small town is located near the Quad cities area of Moline and Milan, Illinois, and Davenport and Bittendorf, Iowa. The mighty Mississippi river flows through that area.

We had a great meeting with the auditorium full for the morning service and good crowds Sunday through Tuesday night. Seventeen preachers visited our meetings. There were five teenagers saved in the Sunday morning service.

Pastor Gluck's wife, Carol, went home to be with the Lord just six months earlier. She was a very talented and special person.

Gulfport, Mississippi

One preacher said about the meeting at the BEAMS conference, "WOW! spelled backwards." The meeting was held at Faith Baptist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi, where Dan Carr is pastor. Rene Feret resigned his very successful Temple Baptist Church several years ago to begin the BEAMS ministry of distributing Bibles to missionaries around the world. They have shipped millions of Bibles to countries all over the world in many different languages.

There were by head count 125 preachers in the conference. I had the joy of preaching several times along with Dr. David Gibbs, Dr. Joe Arthur, Dr. Johnny Pope, Dr. Dean Miller, Dr. Reno Lykins, Dr. J.D. Weido, Dr. Shane Lewis and Rene Feret. There were a number of missionary speakers, also. Bro. Tim Gordon led the music and the Faith Baptist musicians were a blessing to all.

I also had the privilege of preaching eight times starting Sunday morning at Faith Baptist for Bro. Carr and his people, then Sunday night at Central Baptist for Dr. Dean Miller at Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Wednesday night at Temple Baptist Church for Dr. Steve Crane.

The BEAMS conference is an annual meeting and will be held at the same time and same place next year. This would be a good meeting to put on your calendar.

Fort Myers, Florida

After a wonderful day at Taberncale Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida, the assistant pastor, Marcus Secrest, and music diredtor, Allen Desousa, drove me to Fort Myers for the annual meeting of the International Fellowship of Fundamentalist Baptist at Winkler Road Baptist Church where Dr. Don Strange serves as pastor. Pastor Strange and his people were excellent hosts for the meeting. They served a Continental breakfast and two full meals each day of the conference. There were just over seventy preachers present for the fourteen sessions. On Wednesday morning four preachers in their eighties spoke. They were: Dr. Milford Biddle, Dr. Cham McMillan, Dr. Don Green, and Dr. D.M. Hardison. Also speaking in the sessions were David Price, Steve Ware, Lonnie Moore, Shawn Smith, Keith Smith, Jeff Kelley, Mike Thurman, David Martin, and Billy Goolesley. The music was excellent featuring the Walker family of seven children. Lonnie Moore, Don and Kim Case, and the Winkler Road Baptist choir led by Robert Sutton, music diredtor of WRBC.

It was really great to see so many long time friends. I had the privilege of attending the first meeting of this fellowship fifty years ago at Winston Salem, North Carolina. Several preachers attending the Florida meeting were also at the first meeting.

The next meeting of the IFFB is scheduled for August 13-15, 2012 at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Winchester, Virginia, which is pastored by David Martin.

Orlando, Florida

Dr. Wallace and Pastor Steve Ware

The Lord met with us in a wonderful way at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, February12th. We had a great crowd. I taught the combined adult and teen department Sunday school class, then preached in both morning and evening services. Pastor Steve Ware asked me to emphasize soul winning. About 85% of the congregation joind me during the invitation to tell the Lord that they would make themselves available to win someone to the Lord. When I asked for those who would like to put their trust in the Lord Jesus and be saved to come forward, eight folks came.

After a delicious meal at the Golden Corral restaurant I went to my hotel and found a house keeper working near my room. I started a conversation with her and in just afew minutes she invited Christ into her heart. In the evening service about 95% of the congregation responded to the invitation and came forward to give themselves to the Lord for the purpose of winning a soul to Christ. The music was just great and I had great liberty to give my messages. This is a great church and a good place to visit when vacationing in the Orlando area.

Manchester, Tennessee

Dr. Wallace and Pastor Steve Adams

A small group of folks in Manchester, Tennessee, asked Pastor Steve Adams to help them start a new church several months ago. They had located a fairly new building built by an Episcopalian group that had disbanded. In a short time they have almost a hundred people coming to the services. They purchased the building then rented a house next door for Sunday School rooms. I am excited about the future of this church.

The ninety-seven folks that attended on February 5th filled the building. they are already talking of enlarging their building. I preached in the main service at 11:00. We had dinner on the grounds then another service at 1:00 p.m.

It was special to have my two grandsons, Mark and Derek and their wives, Jessica and Traci and two great grandchildren, Alex and Samantha there. Lori Bowman and her four daughters, Erica, Deborah, Heidi and Julia drove over from McMinnville to visit. Lori's husband, Eric was on a missionary trip to Tthailand for special meetings. It was a blesing to see several people that I knew.

East Hartford, Connecticut

Dr. Wallace and Dr. Michael Stoddard

I flew up to East Hartford, Connecticut, for all day Sunday, January 29th to help Dr. Michale Stoddard and the people of the New Testament Baptist Church celebrate their 28th anniversary. Bro. Stoddard and his family have been there for the whole time. The church has an attendance of around 600 each week and they are an exciting crowd. There were four or five saved in the morning service and three baptisms. This church is a real testimony to this great city and New England area. I enjoyed the meals, the accomodations, and the fellowship.

These folks have purchased a three story building in a great location and renovated it into a beautiful auditorium with a balcony and lots of Sunday school space, nurseries, office space, and sufficient parking.

New Testament Baptist is also the home of the "Call to Glory" daily devotional magazine. Dr. Stoddard started this publication back in 1990 and they now ship 15,000 copies each month.

Camby, Indiana

We arrived in the Indianapolis area Saturday, July 17th, in the late afternoon, checked into the Country Inn and Suites, quickly dressed and made the fifteen minute drive to the Life Line Baptist Church on Slideoff Road. Pastor Tim Lindsey, Jr. and several of his men were waiting to begin a two hour session on developing ministry skills. Pastor Lindsey has been music director and assistant pastor for a number of years, but after the pastor resigned, he was called to step into the position of pastor.

We had two Sunday morning services, one at 8:30 and the other at 11:00 a.m. They were both well attended. Sunday School was held between the two services. The music was excellent. Pastor Tim led the singing for most of the services and also played the piano for some of the special music.

We enjoyed a day with the senior citizens with a trip to the Benjamin Harrison home. He was the 13th president of the United States. His grandfather was also president some time before him. A trip north about ten miles to the Holly Hock restaurant was also very special.

We had opportunity to visit the campus of the Heritage Baptist College in Franklin, Indiania. Dr. David Halcomb took us on a tour of the building. Classes will begin on August 31st for the first time in this new location. The securing of the building with 12 acres of ground was a miracle.

Independence, Missouri

My time in Independence, Missouri, brought back a flood of memories. I flew to old Kansas City airport about forty years ago to preach in Sedila, Missouri, for Pastor Allen McMullan, the son-in-law of Dr. John Rice. He was married to Grace, the oldest of Dr. and Mrs. Rice's six daughters. I flew back several years later to the new airport and preached for Allen Cockrell. Bro. Cockrell and Jerry Watts had teamed up to start a new independent Baptist church in Raytown, Missouri, another suburb of Kansas City. They had purchased a vacant Presbyterian church, with Bro. Lester Roloff's help, and were very successful in getting the church into a full time ministry. Some time later, Dr. Carl Herbster became pastor there and relocated the church to the Blue Springs area and built a great ministry called Tri Cities Baptist Ministries. A couple of years ago I went back to Independence to preach at the New Hope Baptist church for Pastor David Love. This latest trip to the area the third week of April, I returned to preach a revival for Hylton Lawrence and the folks at Lighthouse Baptist Church, just one block down the road from New Hope Baptist Church. The Lighthouse church resulted from a split from New Hope several years before. My friend, Gene Whalen, from college days, pastored the New Hope church for over forty years before retiring. In recent months Pastor David Love was arrested and charged with murder of a man in his church and accused of immorality with the man's wife over a long period of time. He is presently awaiting trial. The church has recently called Darren Tharp, a long time friend from the Michigan area. Bro. Tharp and his family are getting settled in and have begun a ministry of healing the wounds and ecnouraging the believers. It was a joy to renew fellowship with him during our meeting there. He and Mrs. Tharp came to visit our services at Lighthouse. The altar was filled every night in our meeting.

I discovered that my niece, Karen Kersey, lived in the area and we had been in touch on Facebook. Years ago when her mother was still single and college age, I had led her to the Lord. I called Karen and asked if we could meet at a restaurant nearby. She agreed and it was a joy to lead her to Christ, too.

As we closed out the meeting on the final night, I challenged the people to make a commitment to win someone to Christ. The entire congregation came forward to seal the committment and joined in prayer that the Lord would use us to win someone in the next few days.

Revival Fires Conference

Dr. Dennis Corle put together a line up of speakers for his annual Revival Fires Conference that was just about the best I have heard. The meeting was held at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church, pastored by Dr. Jeff Fugate. It was my privilege to close out the conference on Wednesday to a full house. The music was outstanding and heartwarming. The church had well over a thousand on their buses on Sunday before the meeting and almost two thousand in total attendance. a number of people were saved and baptized. The altars were filled each session in the conference.

Two Churches Married

On Sunday, April 3, it was a special privilege to speak three times at Forest Hills Bptist Church in Snellville, Georgia. That day had been set aside for the unification service for Forest Hills Baptist Church and the Mountain View Baptist Tabernacle. Pastor Ray Warren and Bro. Carl Leach, Jr. signed the agreement in the presence of both congregations and the two churches became one. Bro. Warren will be the senior pastor and Bro. Leach, who had started the church 37 years ago, who has been suffering ill health will be the associate pastor. I used a revised wedding ceremony and asked the congregations to verbally say "we do" when asked if they would take the other group into fellowship with them. Instead of kissing the bride, I had them shake hands with each other. A baptismal service was held in the morning service and a communion service in the evening. The Forest Hills Church, pastored in the past by Dr. Curtis Hutson, had been forced to relocate to Stone Mountain, Georgia, and was struggling from a huge debt load. Dr. Warren did an amazing work leading the church through the valley. They were able to sell their building and move into the new facilities debt free. The Mountain View congregation had dwindled to a small congregation and they were happy to see their church filled with people. One group needed a building and the other needed people. It was a great move for both parties.

Dr. Ray Warren, Pastor Carl Leach, Jr. and Dr. Tom Wallace

Two Day Vacation

We left two days early for a meeting in Snellville, Georgia and drove to LaGrange, Georgia, to visit a wild animal safari and Callaway Gardens. When we checked into the motel, I was able to win the young woman at the desk to the Lord. I gave a tract to another young lady who was taking tickets to the Safari. When we came out, she came to our car and gave the tract back and said, " I did what this paper told me to do, and then filled out this information." I asked her if she meant she had accepted Jesus as her Savior. She said she did. There were about 1,000 animals in the park. There were several hundred deer of every size along with wild pigs, goats, sheep, a rhino, two giraffes, camels, bears, wolves, water buffalo, zebras and many, many more. The next day at Callaway Gardens we walked to the azalea reflection bowl, the butterfly house, and the horticulture center. We took lots of pictures. After a great Sunday in in the Atlanta area, we drove through Sweetwater, Tennessee, then over to Bald Creek Falls near the Cherokee National forest. The long winding drive along the clear mountain river was breath taking, as were the falls. Again we got lots of pictures. We met Mary's daughter, Debbi, at an old fashioned restaurant in Sweetwater before driving through a terrible blinding storm to our next meeting, Revival Fires Conference.

Unionville, Missouri

It was my joy to be with Pastor Bob Fleshman and the good people of Midway Baptist Church of Unionville, Missouri, for four days of meetings.

The Midway Baptist Church has moved across the road from an old dilapidated store front type building to a large beautiful building. One of the families in the church donated several acres of ground and another party gave them $100,000.00 to help with the new building. They are on top of a hill and easily seen from both directions of highway 136 just west of the city of Unionville, Missouri. The pastor and his people had prayed, planned and promoted the meeting well. We had an excellent spirit and a good crowd for all the Sunday services. Several other churches came to the meetings on Monday and Tuesday nights. One night we had eleven preachers.

Two were baptized on Sunday morning and the crowds were very receptive to the preaching. There were prople at the altar every service. On the closing night we had a real breakthrough. Seven or eight junior age boys and girls asked Jesus to come into their hearts and came forward to identify with the Lord. A fellow who had attended all services but one was under deep conviction. I took him into the pastor's office and led him to Christ. He came forward to take his stand for Christ. A young mother responded to the invitation also, along with a woman from the congregation. About fifty people responded to my challenge to personally win someone to Christ in the near future.

The folks were very generous in their offerings. The folks have a vision for reaching their community for Christ, and helping to start some new churches in their Judea.

It was very special to find Mark Dye, a former member of Franklin Road Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in Midway Baptist. He manages an airport just norht of Unionville, Missouri, in Centerville, Iowa. He is a lear jet pilot. Two of his daughters are members of our church in Murfreesboro now with their families.

Malvern, Arkansas

Jon Horton, Pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church

Jon Horton Family with Bro. Wallace

The Gospel Light Baptist Church of Malvern, Arkansas, is an exciting place on Sunday when the congregation gathers for services. Pastor Jon Horton and his wife, Teresa, have put their heart and soul into the work there for the last few years. Teresa is the granddaughter of Dr. Jack Hyles. The old white frame building on sixth street became too small and they purchased a large warehouse in an excellent location right at the side entrance to the new Wal-Mart. They rented the old location to a smaller congregation and were able to realize a small monthly income to help pay the new mortgage, then a concerned man gave them two hundred thousand dollars to renovate the new building. The result was a beautiful facility with a steeple, large vestibule, very comfortable auditorium, a nursery, an office section, and a full size gymnasium. It was a modern day miracle.

On Christmas morning their house caught fire and they lost everything. They felt fortunate to get out of the house alive along with their three children. It was a great disappointment for everyone to lose all their Christmas presents and gifts before they had the opportunity to open them. They moved in with his mother until the house can be rebuilt. Their insurance proved to be adequate to put it all back together. Their attitude and spirit of victory through the whole experience was a tremendouse testimony to their church family. The people rallied and gave them clothes, food, money and real moral support.

The altar was filled at the invitation and I gave the service back to the pastor. Everyone had returned to their seats, then he continued the invitation and the altar filled up again. At the evening service the same thing happened again. We left Malvern the next morning feeling that we had been in the presence of the Lord. I was glad for an invitation to come again next year for another time at Gospel Light Baptist Churhc.


Uganda and Kenya, Africa

A full account of the trip is found in a journal posted on our web page at Tom's African Journal

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